Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The power of the Mommy Bloggers

During my morning routine of job searching and hanging out around the house, I was watching the Today Show when they did a segment on Mommy Bloggers. These bloggers will review products and offer tips to other Mom's.

Tori Spelling was co-hosting the final hour with Kathie Lee Gifford and she said that she felt that the books that she had read were outdated. The blogs that the Mom's run offer a support system and virtual network for Moms with questions or concerns. Tori went even further to say that she trusts these women's opinions and suggestions because they are Mom's and have done the same. The power of these Mommy bloggers is probably huge. Everyone in marketing knows that referrals are the cheapest and most effective way to continue to grow your business. I think about all my friends who ask for my dentist, who I love. I always give out her name and number and a good number of them go to her. My ENT I found through a bunch of co workers.

At one of my former employer's Sunrise Senior Living we were trying to push our communities that we helped market to use the "Friends & Family" referral program because of the low cost-per-lead. We put together a program where we'd give the resident or their family member $500 for every person they referred to Sunrise that moved into a community. The success of this was hard to measure because the communities used to code the referral source to Site & Signage. They are now not running any print media for the core business. I wonder how well the "Site & Signage" is treating them now?

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