Friday, January 15, 2010

Moving Horror Stories

I am currently embroiled in a massive feud with the moving company that I used for moving myself back in November.

The company's name is All About Moving, LLC. 400 S Whitting Street, Alexandria, VA 22304-3559 and their phone number is 703.567.6683. The owner of the company seems like a genial guy when you call for services. He will even pretend to cut you a "break" on services because he wants your business.

After you book your service, the movers he selects for your job will show up a half hour late. They will not know what the heck they are doing. They will require 24/7 babysitting. A move that should be quick and easy will take FOREVER. It took us 7.5 hours to combine two houses into one. Ridiculous to say the least.

I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Fairfax County Consumer Complaint division. I was only hoping for a semi-partial refund, but now I am asking for half of my move to be refunded.

Anymore, it seems like you have to fight everyone for your very last dollars. Its a bit ridiculous and I am not a fan...