Monday, November 29, 2010

Digital Marketing 101

In my research of the social media marketing is that there are no true "experts" so I am trying to learn from those who have done what I am about to do.  Our company works with non profits to promote their online career centers, and I had the pleasure of working with one of the leading career coaching professionals in the Washington, DC area last week.  Marshall Brown came by and recorded teasers and a full podcast for our company to distribute to our clients. 

The subject matter is timely and relevant "Take Charge of Your Career," which many people both in work and out of work have to do.  We were talking about my employment history and something he said was, you were not unemployed... you were "in between successes." I found this to be much more empowering and wish that I would have talked to him during the job search way back when.  But he also provided many other tips.  Once it is complete, I may post it here to document this part of my portfolio. 

Everything is an adventure and a learning experience, and for that I am extremely grateful.