Saturday, September 24, 2011

Slang Language

If you've ever been at the watercooler, or any public place for that matter you might overhear some type of "slang."  In a recent article by Slate, they discussed this very subject matter.  Your teachers both in your high school, and college probably never thought they'd hear the likes of "GTL" being publicized in newspapers, or any other publication for that matter.  

Language is adaptive and it continues to mutate.  To think of the days that they had to hand copy everything into a book, this was a painstaking process.  However, they were careful to not include random words.  Slang is now in our everyday speech, and writing, it's invaded our language.  "Google" is now a verb in the dictionary.  So what does this mean for our teaching and learning? Do we as educators and even professionals have to stay current with this type of trend to ensure that we're "hipsters?" I think somewhere, the former enlightened person that I used to be is rolling over in her grave.  

What does sitting at a desk to your intellectual capacity? Does it reduce it? I often feel as though I must read additional scholastic publications to enrich my brain.  Is multi-tasking making us dumb? 

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