Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Purebreds vs Mutts

My boyfriend and I are in the process of searching for our next dog. We have agreed to adopt through a local rescue a lab mix puppy. As a lifelong pet owner, I have had the experience of owning both purebred and mutt dogs.

I was at a social function this weekend when the topic came up, I was discussing my desire to foster or adopt a mutt. The party that I was discussing this with told me emphatically "I paid a ridiculous amount of money for my dog, but it was worth it." I stared at her in disbelief, as she went on to tell me she's a huge dog person. Every person has experience that shapes who they are and who they are going to be. The ironic thing that if you think about the concept of being a purebred, it is royalty for dogs.

Since we're not in England and we have no royalty, I think we should embrace and celebrate the mutts more. Why? Benefits of rescuing a dog include but are not limited to:
  • Helping out a dog who was bred by accident or is in a rural area will surely get you into heaven.
  • Your health will improve. Recent studies have proven that petting a dog can reduce your heart rate, among other benefits.
  • Purebreds are expensive and overbred.
  • Purebreds are expensive because they are riddled with health problems.
  • Mutts live longer and have less health issues.

This is a short list, but as a former owner of both Purebreds and Mutts, I have to tell you. Mutts are where it's at. I don't need an accessory, I want a companion.

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