Saturday, August 8, 2015

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

While it's not impossible to walk to the majority of airports, it often takes multiple modes of transport.  Baltimore Washington International is my airport of choice to travel anywhere due to the number of flights and the cost is typically $100 or less than other major metropolitan airports.  As 5000+ association professionals prepare to descend on Detroit for the 2015 ASAE Annual Meeting, many of us will take several modes of transportation.  

My journey began at 0 dark thirty, before the sun had risen.  When my alarm went off, I laid in bed wishing for more sleep.  After a few moments of checking email, and petting my fur babies I popped out of bed.  I finished packing and prepared to drive up north to the airport.  This drive can be highly unpredictable due to traffic in the major metropolitan Washington, DC area.  It's roughly a 40 mile drive, and it has taken me up to 3 hours.  The traffic gods were smiling on me and I made it in roughly an hour with no major obstacles.  

Major airports can be a major headache, with their security lines going on for what seems to be miles. It's Saturday, and there are a lot of nonprofits in Washington, DC so I was prepared for a great deal of delay.  When I pulled into the garage, there were open parking spaces close to the door so I could lug my suitcases in to check them.  That's right, I said suitcases.  Prepare yourself for unicorns and rainbows of swag, or as I affectionately refer to it as "Swagtopia."  These giveaways range from something small and delightful like a Starbucks gift card, iPhone portable chargers, Build-a-Bears and so much more!  In light of the impending Swagtopia, I have packed accordingly, by bringing an extra suitcase. Thank you Southwest Airlines for allowing me to check two bags for free. If at all possible, I never fly anything other than Southwest.  The customer experience is much better than that of other airlines, in my humble biased opinion.  It's all about the rewards baby! As a Southwest Rapid Rewards Member and frequent flyer, I have achieved A list status.  This means I get to breeze by the line of people waiting to check their bags, and speed through security.  Here's a tip for those of you that fly BWI airport and Southwest, if one security gate is full, chances are there is another one that is not.  You can thank me later for that great travel tip.  

Traveling light has never been my forte, and so I have a large carry on which is loaded up with a lot of Apple electronic products including the computer that I am typing this message on.  So far, I have traveled by Planes, and automobile.  In all probability I will also get a train ride in this evening on Detroit's people mover as I head out to dinner and the opening night ceremony.  

Comment and let me know what your plans are, and what you're most looking forward to about the ASAE Annual Meeting.  My plane hasn't arrived yet, but I am going to sign off for now.  See you in Detroit! 

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