Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's about that time...

To break forth the rhythm and the rhyme! I kid, I kid. I haven't posted for a while for many reasons. Some of them good and others of them sad.

First the sad. I had to put down my beloved dog on labor day weekend. It was quite possibly the most difficult thing I have had to do. This is the first time I am writing and reading these words and not crying. The circumstances are/were awful and I don't wish to discuss them at great length. I have been grieving, to say the least.

Now for the good. I have landed a new job! I am working for a technology company that markets their products and services to non-profits. It's kind of like an ideal fit, if you ask me. I have a number of clients, some of whom I have worked with in the past. The Greater Washington DC area is not that large, and the Association world is even smaller. I am excited to build my network and gain some new skills. Not only am I a strategy woman, I am also dipping my hand into the design world. While I am at this job I am learning InDesign through a community education class.

Happy Fall All!

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